A thought on Patience

The first post of this blog is about patience. And i am not entirely sure why, but i learned, over the past 27 years of my existence that you never really have to know the reasons why. Because they eventually will reveal themselves without a sweat. Without the pressure.

But people are so used to pressure that we sort of unintentionally seek it. And in its absence, we think something not so cool is about to happen, and sometimes it does, simply because its what we have thought to be true. Thoughts become things…

So without giving justice as to why i wrote about patience as the first article of this blog, let’s start. 🙂

Patience is one of the virtues that i think i posses not a heavy does of–before.

Probably just like you, i love for task to be done right away or a fast as they possibly can. I mean don’t we all just love that the line to be done with a minute or two? Or the waitress to deliver the meals in minutes and not 15? Or “oh please can you just dial that atm faster?”

So yeah, if that’s how we picture patience, then i and probably 80% of the human population, fail so darn terribly.

But before we admit the to the highly agreeable quote of “impatient people get things done” wholeheartedly, and trash out the virtue patience out the window or if you want to consider loving back this patience thingy, feel free to read on. And if not, skip on. 🙂

Due to my yoga practice, i’ve experience patience is and honestly, its not what we think it is.

Patience is not the art of waiting, like most of us think. Patience is the art of knowing. And it can only be acquired with an open-mind, free from judgement and doubt.

Patience does not wait for things to happen, it is giving consistent progressive effort to make things happen with the a sheer glowing optimism, knowing that everything is working according to plan, no matter how chaotic or pathetically slow it is at the very moment.

Patience is doing your best without counting the cost. Bcause you don’t really care of the price do you? You are willing to pay the cost no matter what!

Patience is the complete acceptance of the things you can’t do while trusting the nature of your body that it absolutely, in due time, be able to do it. Just give it time.

Patience is seeing the tiniest progress and be crazy grateful about it.

Patience is the worn out yoga pants and loving it.

Patience is enjoying the bruises and muscle sores and constant thud on the ground when you can’t hold that pose anymore.

Patience is sweat clinging on the tips of you eyelashes and the tingling sensation at your inner thighs when its time for a stretch but you’re still holding it anyway.

Patience is admiring your body at it present state and trusting it that it will become what ever form you wanted it to be.

Patience is that imperfect wheel pose by the beach and knowing that you are destined to make it perfect.

Patience is that horrible first article, but you publish it anyway, thinking, “after a year of writing’ i gonna read this and laugh so loud that you couldn’t believe you had the nerve to publish it and share it with friends.

Patience, i believe, is what made ordinary men do extraordinary things…

Hope it made you happy and motivated once again and again and again. 🙂

Have a wonderfully amazing day!



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