My Personnal Take on Reader’s Digest

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Have you seen the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”? It’s about this guy who works  for a magazine company assigned in the negative room, or whatever it was called, processing negatives from the films the company photographers.

This guy lived most of his life day dreaming what ifs, until one day, a negative was missing and it was to be the front page cover of their magazine’s last issue, because the magazine was gonna shut down. So like it, empire rise and empires fall.

The world or film and negative are done. Nobody wants to do it in film. Its expensive and very limited. The digital memory cards are extremely cheap compared to the number shots the can do plus, you can delete and change the photos anytime, a thing you can never ever do with a film.So their goes Kodak, clinging on for dear life.

And what can a heavy expensive magazine do compared to the limitless and almost free information available in google. Blogs are millions, maybe billions and people have smart phones and e-book readers and tabs and there’s just almost nothing this babies can’t do. The battle is clearly won.

But when i go to the national bookstore, the reader’s digest, i noticed was still on going. They have promo’s like buy1get1, free calendar’s,  bookmarks…clearly still fighting. And this went on for years and years and years. I for once, was a reader’s digest fan. I didn’t subscribe, because i kind off didn’t know how to do that and didn’t t trust the order mail for no reason…So i just bought mine from magazine shops, and yes, i love them. But then again, i stopped. Because… everything is on google…or well, almost everything.

Then Holy Week came.

My mother stayed with me in the city. It was getting really bored and a bit lonely at home. My dad is away, my brother is in the city with me, and she and my Jonalyn was the only once in the house. And since i told her i could not go home this Holy Week because it was a rush-week in the tarsier foundation and we were fully booked in our airbnb listings that i just cold not afford to be away. Sure,  I can relax but not be away. So instead me staying with her, she came over and stayed with me.

Airbnb guests were coming in and out the house, she loved the French couple and the Spanish girls. We had asian coming too, and she loved making them breakfast. The Dragon Tours, our online travel company or organization, or whatever more fitting way to call it was also doing its things. And she was so happy with it.

And when the guests were all out, going to tourist spots, the house was quiet and the guys would sleep and i would do yoga. (I was practicing this forearm stand, because it was cool and it really, REALLY felt nice.) And my mother would just sit there and have a look around, and then just sit. Until, she found my old OLD pile of Reader’s Digest mini mags.

She picked one with the blue whale cover and read. I ask, “I thought you didn’t want to read?” Because i gave her books for her birthday and she wouldn’t read them. She had this operation in the spine, she tells me she couldn’t sit and read because of that.

“I want to read. It’s just the books are heavy.”

That is the reason why, reading on her smart phones didn’t work too. Plus, she says it hurts her eyes.

Then i went out and came home and she would stop reading to talk to me, and then, when there was nothing to do, she would sit and read. And then she would call out to me and share to me what she was reading. And i noticed, the more she shared the more… well, happier she was.

Then the weekend after the  Holy Week, i drove her home. Dad messaged her to check if i did drove her home, because it was his car, and he just left it to me because mom could not drive. And driving mom home was the least i could do to serve the cars purpose. 🙂

At home, i watched movies, we have  a lot. And after watching my mom, instead of sitting and talking about her problems, and all the not so good things happening around–it was becoming her little hobby. She sat down and read.

“You know, most discoveries were discovered accidentally! Wow!” She said. I was walking around the living room.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. It says so here.” she paused. “This Japanese guy who invented this green fluorescent light (or whatever i kind of forgot), discovered it when he tossed his solution on the sink. Amazing isn’t it?”

I smiled. And then she spoke about Apple’s management styles and that ideas were open from all level. “The mail boy can talk to the CEO!”


And so on…

So yes, the Reader’s Digest Empire was never truly lost. Some people still prefer reading from paper because it doesn’t hurt heir eyes not matter how our digital things says its eye friendly. For our generation, perhaps its fine, but it just doesn’t the same with others. There always others who want to read good contents, and not surfing for them on the web. They just don’t enjoy random reading. They want quality reading on the spot. I frankly, i do too.

So i went to the city, and got one of the Reader’s Digest…. I read, and i nodded and checked my watch, it was almost 30 minutes. And i smiled. I almost forgotten how reading felt like. It was wonderful.

So yes, sorry for the long post, hope you loved it.

Have an amazing day!



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