Breathe and Let Go

I honestly got overwhelmed writing about this topic. So overwhelmed that it took me a week before actually opening a new post and pressing that “publish me” button.

Overwhelmed because i am in love with this Breathing and Letting go thing.

Overwhelmed because i want to share to you exactly how Breathing and Letting go truly meant to me and helped me.

Overwhelmed because this isn’t exactly a new topic and it isn’t unique either and that similar posts written by certified gurus and experts have already been published and are way better that this and…. Hugh!

So hours turned to days and now its the end of the week.

But i love to write about it. I want to share it. And i would feel not very  good if i didn’t.

So i sat down in front of the laptop, and took a deep breath and began letting go…

We want things, we yearn and wish. Our brain is somewhat responsible for this process. But wanting and wishing and yearning exist because of the feelings we attach to them–warm and delightful.

We think about it in our sleep, while we’re driving or sitting at the dinner table. The thoughts are nice and amazing. We love them. But the more we love, the more we hate to be apart… so when we tune back to the world outside of our head, and start pursuing all this wants, we stop before we even begin…


Because we are afraid to be apart. We are afraid that these wishes are just… wishes! We are afraid that it really was not meant for us. We fear that reality would say, “this isn’t for you…” and then the dreaming, wishing and yearning together with this sweet feelings they bring would puff away. We fear reality would hit us and hit us real hard and we regret we even thought about it in the very first place. We fear this very day.

Hence we just stop before we even begin. Or we stop the work we are doing because progress isn’t much and we are gonna get our hearts broken in the end… So we stop the bus and got off the road and took the train back.

If ever you felt these things in anyways, just breathe it out and let it go…


So if they didn’t like it… Let it go.

So what if you’re not the apple of your parent’s eyes… Let it go!

So what if he was really just messing around… cherish the warm and blush in your cheeks when he looks your way and let it go!

So what if she was really in love with someone else… just let the pain come and let it go…

So what if in your yoga practice you still haven’t opened your hips yet… Just keep practicing and let it go.

So what if it takes you a year to do that full perfect split…Just keep going and let it go.

So what if everybody is better at bending their backs than you..Let it go.

So what if you haven’t really lose a lot of weight… Let it go.

Keep going and let it go.

Enjoy the process and let it go.

Trust your body and let it go.

Believe in it and let it go.

Have faith and let it go.

Just Breathe and…

Let it go.

All happens  for the very best of reasons, keep your perspective positive, and live in the moment, and remember that as long as you think it, and work for it and feel it… its coming true. But for this moment… just breathe and let it go.

Have a lovely day!

By the above is my friend yogi Margie. 🙂




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