Diving into your First Yoga Practice

To all who have been trying to dive into their first yoga practice, and just can’t seem to do it, no worries you’re not alone. Good news is that this post might hopefully gives you that successful push that you need to finally dive into your first yoga practice or… it might not. lol!

Tiptoe if you must, but take the step.

We have our reasons why we are not able to do our practice. And whatever they are, let’s just skip talking about them for a second. Chances are they aren’t the real reason why we haven’t done what we wanted to do.

So here a few tips:

1.) UNLEARN…meaning forget about everything you think you know about yoga.

Forget about those rubber band twisty poses that you love to see on google. Forget about your idea that yoga is a religion, or that yoga is a spiritual practice. Forget about the expectation that yoga is gonna give you the best body or that weight loss that you have been dreaming of. Forget about whatever your friend (the one who persuaded you to do yoga) told you about what yoga is. Just forget about it… And just Do it!

Chances are, these preconceptions are holding you back. Preconceptions leads to expectations. And we tend to not want to see ourselves do poorly, hence we set the practice into infinite pause.

Just remember, yoga is a personal practice and the only person who can say what yoga is, is you yourself. And you can’t tell what it is if you haven’t practiced it… regularly… and for a length of time…

Yoga is for everybody who wants to. Its not just for the flexible or the strong or the young or for the celebrity bodies! Stop thinking, stop analyzing and just do it!

Once you have done this, the next few steps are a breeze! Wheew!

2.) Buy a yoga mat

Hahaha! Very simple right? Yet until now it hasn’t been done!–Surprise surprise! Again, we all have our reasons, and these reasons are always correct and will always exist if we give them permission too.

You’ll be surprised how a yoga mat can motivate you to do yoga!

Are cheap yoga mats fine? For me, yes… cheap mats are really fine, i started with them and they exist until now. Although they do have a smell that says ‘chemical’. 🙂 Good thing it goes away with water and wipe.

If you are a picky one, and your place doesn’t know what a proper yoga mat is, then buying online would be the way to go.  Gaiam is a highly recommended yoga mat. The designs are lovely and quality is superb!

3.)Yoga video

Congrats! You now have your yoga mat! Next thing to do is to do yoga! 🙂 If you are close to a studio, then go there. If not or if you are not comfortable going to one, then online is fine. I learned yoga online because i didn’t know any yoga studio in our place.

You can try YogaByCandace, she is very inspirational. You can also try Kinoyoga, if you want physical and mental challenge! Or another one of my favorite is Badyogi, love her vlogs.

4.) Schedule

Am an expert at this part! hahahah! Yoga helped ime straighten out my scheduling skills, if you know what i mean. 🙂 So here is my tip, what time you wake up in the morning? Set your alarm 30 minutes advance to that. Yoga practice for beginners are 10 minutes to 15 minutes mostly, add another 15 minutes for prepping and the likes.

And remember to wake up when the alarm sounds. hahah! If you don’t, its fine. Don’t crucify yourself, been there done that! Just try again the next day and the next day and the next! Just trust yourself, it may take time, adjustments might not be easy for you but you can do it. Maybe not today, tomorrow–who cares! The most important thing is that you are getting there! And you will.

5.) Create a habit

You  might call it discipline, but its just a matter of wanting it that it becomes something you look forward too and allowing yourself to do it for a period of time until it finally forms a habit. Once it has rooted then doing it daily is easy and wonderful!

Hope this helps you one way or another. Have a great day!

Photo above is a fish pose 🙂

If you need suggestions, here is the link of my first yoga mat. This one is VERY cheap , a bit thin… and everything you expect from a mat that cost P300 or so.



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