Prepping for Your Online Yoga Practice

Too shy too visit a yoga studio? Or just having not that much free time? Then online would work for you if you allow it to of course. Everything is up to us, everything is up to you!

I did online yoga for the very same reasons. But as i progressed on, i realized i love practicing in the private luxury of my own crib! Failing and tumbling down on my own floor, looking sweaty and rough in clothes that wouldn’t dare wear to the nearest store… hahaha.

But am not saying that online yoga doesn’t have its cons too. Everything has. It’s a universal law. Can’t change that, can’t lie to that. There will always be times when i wish my online yoga instructor was right in front of me aligning my hips, or pulling feet, telling me if am doing it right or not. Or that the house could just quiet down for just this final shavasana. Or that they wouldn’t use another corner to take that call. Hugh…

Change the things that you can.  Accept the things that you can’t, and know the difference…

Turns out this quote, like all other quotes, are easier written down than done. Hahaha..So here are a few things that we can all do to have a good online yoga practice.

1.) A space

The isolated the better. If your bedroom has enough space for 4 yoga mats place side by side, then that space should be enough for your morning and evening yoga. 🙂

The living room is perfect too if you do it early in the morning when only you are awake, or in the afternoon when everyone is out of the house.

Any place in fine as long as its fits 4 yoga mats. And the better the view, the cleaner the place, the better.

2.) Time.

In the morning before everyone is awake. Evening is fine as long as you are willing to stay up until everybody is asleep or at least, you know, in a dormant state. :)Middle of the day is PERFECT too if you have the luxury to be at home at this hour and everyone is out.

3.) Music, yoga video &silence.

Or atleast something that closely represents silence. 🙂 You can play low volume instrumental music too. This calms the mind down easier and makes your yoga practice more relaxing and meditative. And make sure your video is loaded if its on youtube, or that your internet signal is good. 🙂

4.) Out of coverage…

You should be out of coverage for this 30 minutes. Silent your phone or better yet turn it off and give it a break.

5.) Cooperation from family is the best

Just tell them it would make you extremely happy (or whatever best way to say it) if they kept their voice lower than normal for 30 minutes or at least when the practice starts. Or not call or ask you anything at that moment.

But if these tips fail, and their voice echoes in every corner of the room, and they kept telling you your phone is vibrating, hahahaha.. Or you weren’t able to wake up early, the place is narrower than 4 yoga mats, and the porch doesn’t have that nice view, or you skipped your practice because it was just too late… Just breathe and let it go. Peace is not a place, or time…its a state of mind. Just Let it go. And allow the peace of yoga work its wonders to you and through you.

Namaste and lots of love to you!






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