The Pose that You Hate Most

By the way, welcome to our Beginners’ Journal series where we post things that might inspire, guide or simply offer a little help to total beginners who have just started their yoga practice.

In this post we’ll address the issue of that pose that you hate most. If you have done yoga for a few months now, or just completed your first week or your even if its your first day!-yehey! Congrats by the way!-No matter how much we love yoga, we all have these poses that we tend to just wanna skip or maybe, just stop.

Not because we can’t do them, but because we simply are not comfortable doing them. Our legs are not to flexible enough, our arms are not to strong enough or hips not to open enough and all other things. And most of all, unconsciously we hate these pose because they make us feel wrong.

When i started out, the pose that i hate the most were lounges. Especially the low lounge hold. It hurts my knees, i can’t hold my balance, and i think my lower back is gonna break if it lengthens and curve it a little more. I think am doing it all wrong! Hence, i just execute it in my comfort zone which was not entirely correct and move on to the next as quick as i can.

The pose that you hate most, is the pose that you need most.

So i did my practice doing the things that i love. Doing the poses that i look forward to. I love power poses so i did lots of headstands, side planks, crow poses and i gradually love lounges, was okay with low lounge and almost did not do any hip opening poses because they were the worse for me.

But it turns out, there is no cutting corners with progress. True i did have happy improvements with arm balancing poses and i sure did have fun with them but there are power poses that require open hips and open chest. You may not feel the incompleteness now, but as you move forward with your practice you will realize that being able to do a handstand and not being able to do a basic cobblers’ pose makes your practice a little less fun. And progress will be kept on hold.

I always believe that the things we do with love are the ones that create real progress. So if we hate these poses how is it gonna work?

Here’s the one thing that helped me and hopefully, might help you too.

Learn to Love it!

Yes, we must learn to love it. Because that’s the only way real progress happens. You can do lots of things to love it, just think, and explore, its a self discovery. But here’s what i did to love it. Maybe it might help you too.  I realized that the more i learn the contribution of this pose to my yoga practice, the more i want to make it better.

Example, the reason why i grow loving low lounges recently is because this simple beginners’ yoga pose is one of the most effective ways to improve splits. And i like to be able to do splits. Who doesn’t? So when the sequence includes low lounge, i simple don’t stay in my comfort zone, i push it a little harder, bend it a little more and stretch it further, and the more i do it the more i love it!

With my dreaded hip opening sequences it was a different kind of motivation. It was the kind that says, if you are serious with your yoga practice you might as well learn to do a proper cobbler’s pose or a fire log pose. And it took some length of time before the whispers in the back of my head sunk in and i finally made hip opening practices a priority of my day. Because i knew i needed it, and am serious with it.

So everything entirely boils down to us. If we really love our yoga practice, then we will learn to love the poses that we hate simply because these are the ones that we need most.

And remember, we hate them because it make us feel wrong. And we hate feeling wrong. We hate being reminded of what we are lacking. But only when we face these mistakes and accept them, be it in yoga or off the mat, is where real progress begins.

Hope this helps. Have a delightful start of the week!



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