Yoga:Effective for weight loss?

Thinking about doing yoga for weight loss? You are not alone! This post wishes to honestly answer that question, not from a perspective of a weight loss expert (apologies) but from a personal sharing kind of view point. And if that’s cool with you-awesome! Read on. 😉

Is yoga effective for weight loss? My direct answer would be a definite YES! And if that answer is satisfactory to you, you are welcome to stop reading here, and merrily google your way out. But if you are willing to read a few minutes more, will do a little sharing below and you are welcome to read on and see if it helps or if it make sense.. hahahh!

Though yoga isn’t exactly a workout weight loss routine, lots of testimonies flying around in the world wide web says it is effective for weight loss. So i gave it a try…to see if it really is true.

And so there goes my yoga journey and blah blah blah blah blah…And here is, in my opinion, the reason why yoga is effective for weight loss.

Yoga does not only touches your physical body but it reaches deep into you. It reaches deep down that you realize there is more to your body than weight!

Yoga transforms you (if you allow it to) inside out. And as you go through your daily practice you will learn, little by little, to trust your body and know that it can do anything! If given time and patience. You will appreciate your body for whatever shape or size it is now. You will admire how tough your body is and how much more stronger it can become.  You become more aware of how complicated yet how smooth your body operates and how it literally can do miracles.

Yoga makes you love your body for the miracle that it is and what it can become.

So eventually, you will be happier and confident and positive. You will realize that you don’t need to be cover girl body type to wear a bikini! You will strive for health and vitality than being thin or light.

You will start to eat the right food, you will not starve yourself. You will be more patient with your body which is why you can do yoga daily, and for a period of 5 years or 10 years or a lifetime! You don’t really care because you know that health is a habit not a dress size or a number in a scale.

And since you do it daily and for a period of it, your body can achieve anything.

So there it is. Hope it wasn’t too long and hope it helps.

Have an awesome journey.


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