Practicing Splits

Hello everybody! And welcome to a post about exercises. You can find it in the topic section, marked “exercise”. Here you can find exercise routines and programs that are recommended to achieve a specific yoga pose, strength or level of flexibility.

Currently am working on flexibility, the hips and the hamstrings. If you have read my previous blog post about the pose that i hate most, then you’d know that flexibility poses are not my favorite, especially the hip opening sequences. But favorite or not, its part of the yoga practice thus i have to love them too!

And one of the techniques i use, so that i would love a sequence is that i would find a pose that i want to achieve and then work on it. Hence the flexibility pose that i choose is the splits.

Why splits?

Partly because a long time friend of mine, who i originally had no idea that he does acroyoga, commented on my Facebook post asking if i know how to do splits. And he sent me his photos and saw how awesome his splits are and that he is a guy! I use to have this belief that the more muscles you have, the lesser your flexibility is.

And i always admire strength. Little did i know that subconsciously, i used this concept as a reason not to work on flexibility. But i know now that i made it as an excuse so, before i came to a decision, i searched inspiring photos with splits and conditioned my mind first to love it and hence now… Splits is my new project!

If you want to work on your splits too, then great! We can do it together! Here is the program that i will follow for 3 months and see how my splits are coming into place after that.

Morning: 20 minute Splits sequence with

Afternoon: 15 minute flexibility sequence and 15 minute power sequence with And if am feeling really gooood, i’ll throw in some HIIT work outs. you can try this too, still by

Evening: Another 20 minute Splits sequence and 1 minute low lunge hold each side, and lizard pose 1 minute each side as well.

Of course i’ll add on some power flows because i can’t live a day without them! hahha! But i will try my very best to execute all those flows listed above for maybe 3 months and see how it goes.

I don’t know if i will do day offs, but if i do feel like it, then Tuesdays and Mondays would be it. 🙂 And i would throw in longer power sequences on the weekends. 🙂

So, for documentation purposes, this is what my front splits looks like today, July 2, 2016, and tomorrow, i will officially start my 3 month program.



Good luck to all. And have an awesome weekend!

And oh! You can follow my progress on instagram with the #splitsprogress2016






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