Diet tricks & feel good food

Restrictions don’t do well for me. A slight feeling of being restricted, held, or caged in makes me uncomfortable. Maybe partly because am a Sagittarian and partly because its just what i am! hahhaha! And if this resonates with you too, then we can all agree that keeping a strict healthy diet is not a walk in the park.

But easy or not, health is wealth!!! lol so it has to be done.

So here’s what i do to keep my diet a healthy one:

1.) Replacing feel good food with healthy foods that are DELICIOUS, BUDGET FRIENDLY AND READILY AVAILABLE.

2.) I store plenty of them.

3.) and eat them as often as i want to. (especially if i want to feel good)

I choose the food that would make me feel good when i eat them. Like coconut (juice and flesh). And my next feel good food is bananas. 🙂 and a cup of hot chocolate or cappuccino (just make sure these are ones that are sold in your health store) and not the ones that are just by supermarket rack that cost really low and contains caffeine and sugar really high.

And since my feel good foods are healthy, i won’t drool over that sugary cake or overly salty pizza. Though if somebody does come by and gives me some, 🙂 i’ll sure have a bite, but to exert effort into buying them? uh-uh.

Yup. Those are the 3 things that keep me on track. Simple as that.

And i think the number one reason why it is successful (for me) is because i enjoy it. And since i enjoy it, i can do it forevah! 🙂 Meaning, it forms a habit, and our habits determine a lot about us. Not these one time “weight-loss goals”.


It is just a minor change, changing feel good foods, but its a step. And the rest of your diet shift can then follow through as fast or as slow as you want to.

How about you? Any health tricks?

Have a wonderful day!


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