Splits Sequence & Pose

Hello everybody. Last July 2, i posted about my goal for splits. If you like you can read all about it here. Flexibility sequences and hip opening poses are not my most favorite. Not a lover of any of them actually, but since its part of a good and complete yoga practice, i taught myself to love them.

Because things we do with passion or love are the things that yield genuinely good results.

Its been a week ( 7 days) since i first started my splits program and thought it would be nice to share with you ‘wazzup?’.

First and foremost, i am happy to say that, anything you do constantly with an intention of loving it will really work.. and because of this, i am loving splits, and all to other yoga sequences that pulls, bends and stretch my body into submission. 🙂 but i still love power poses of course….

So here are my top 5 favorite sequences or poses that you can do if in case you would like to practice splits.

1. Lizard Pose

  1. DSC_0168

If this seems intense for you, you can of course opt to rest your forearms on a block.


2. Hamstring StretchDSC_0175

There are many ways to stretch the hamstrings, but this seated one is my favorite. And really effective in stretching the hamstrings too.


3. Malanasana Pose


If too intense you can always do it on your toes.

4. Downward Facing DogDSC_0185

Important to focus on having a straight line of  energy from your ahnds to your back up to your tail bone. If the heels does not reach the ground just slightly bend the knee.

5. Low Lunge and slowly lower to Splits



If you want to lower just make sure you have a decent amount of upper body strength especially when you are wearing socks. 🙂 and Blocks are very helpful to maintain the shoulder over wrist alignment.

Hope you like it! Have fun!



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