Beginners’ Tip: Chaturanga

If you have started your yoga at home via online, congrats! Perhaps a few weeks or months, you’d be interested to check out your nearest studio and see if it suites you. But if you are willing to stick with online, that of course is cool!

Yoga touches a lot about alignment. And looking at the poses is one thing and knowing the fundamentals is another very important thing. And the poses can be really intense and if done incorrectly can lead to slow progress or worse injuries!

And if you are like me, and a yoga instructor is just not an option, then this tip would be a ton of help. There are few (tiny tips) but let’s just first look into CHATURANGA.

CHATARUNGA or the Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is a power pose and is not as a piece of cake as it looks. But what we don’t want to do is to cut corners. No matter how hard, its is really important to execute it correctly. No worries, there are options to lessen the intensity of the pose. (By doing it with the knees chest and chin or simply get on your knees!)

Why you should love this pose?

Since this is a POWER pose, it tones the arms and build over all upper body strength. And it is said that the hands are the outward expression of the heart chakra, therefore poses that involve the power of the arm i believe strengthens us emotionally.

Things to note in doing Chaturanga:

You may have heard your online yoga instructor say on how to do Chaturanga, so i won’t elaborate it here. What i’ll share to you is the things that the videos might miss or atleast, we might miss to hear because we are at the moment, holding on to the pose.

  • Draw elbows close to the body. Like you are trying to press in against your ribs.
  • Keep shoulders away from your ears. Like you are lengthening your neck (but not too much)
  • Broaden your chest.
  • Hover at 90 degrees. Some instructors say keep it at 90 others says less is better. Different strokes for different folks i guess but definitely avoid doing this…


…This posture contributed to my elbow pain so less than 90 or 90 degrees, as long as it does not reach this—

should be fine… 🙂

  • And though it might be easier, just stop pivoting the butt up.  Keep the body in one long straight line. And our butt is not an exemption. 🙂

In Practice this is how it goes:





Enjoy your practice and have an awesome week!




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