Pigeon Pose Confession

Remember my post about my favorite splits poses? And pigeon pose, though a very photogenic hip opening pose, was not included? Well, simply because during practice, pigeon pose just knocks me out of zen mode.

And in  real messy kind of way. Matt folded up, yoga blocks tumbling over and hips falling on the other side, knees starting to hurt, arm tensing so much to hold my body upright trying to puff that chest out, sweat dripping over my forehead and chin.

Since it doesn’t generate the most positive of vibrations, i skipped my splits practice this week for 3 days and proceeded happily to my power sequences. Then on the 4th day, my friend Margie joined me in yoga and after the power flows, she asked that we do a splits sequence. And we did.

Oh boy did i struggled at that pigeon pose. But then as we reached the alternating splits, my legs reached further and my hips went lower than i normally can. yey!:)

Sorry for taking longer in getting to the point, but i’d just like to say to everybody who is in a specific program right now and are a bit bored for seeing the same numbers on the scale,  or there’s just something that got into your nerves when you do that practice, or whatever that is, JUST don’t let that get in the way of you seeing your progress.

Progress can be in the form of being able to breathe better, having less tense back, more glowing skin or that half a second hold in plank. No matter. Just TRY to focus on the good things.

Think whatever, as long as it get you going. The best is yet to come. 🙂

Love and abundance to all!



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