Secrets in Cooking Bananaque: Revealed!

Are you familiar with Bananaque? And if yes, this is probably one of your favorite snack foods. Rrright? Well, at least it sure is mine. And if you tried cooking them yourself to no success, then this post is one for you.

Honestly, i tried cooking this too but the sugar gets burned before the banana gets cooked. So… what’s the deal?

Luckily, my aunt came by the apartment this week and volunteered to cook some for us! And this is how she does it.


  1. 12 pcs of bananas (the one for cooking) they look this.DSC_0287


  2. 3/4 Cup of Brown Sugar


  3. 750 ml. of vegetable oil (don’t worry, it doesn’t really get absorbed much)

How to do:

  1.  Place pan on medium fire. Pour the oil in the flying pan and put in the sugar. Don’t mix. Just put. The sugar will settle at the bottom and…
  2. Wait till the sugar starts to surface, then count to 10 or 10 seconds.
  3. then Drop the peeled bananas
  4. Slow stir until they turn golden brown
  5. To make sure they are cooked, take a spoon and slightly press down on one of the bananas and when it comes right back up (the surface of the banana that is) and does not get cut , then it’s ready!
  6. Don’t forget to drain them! 🙂

ENJOY!!! 🙂

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