Pimple Free Clear Skin Series

Hello everybody! Welcome to a new category on the site Beauty! And for today will start a series on ritual for a pimple free and blemish free clear skin.

Why this topic? Because i can relate to it. Very much!

I have oily skin on the face and it works really well before puberty, but when i turned sixteen, these babies just kept on popping up. I didn’t give them much thought since i rarely spend time in the mirror when i was that age, but my mom was really nerve wracked and she bought me so many stuffs for it that just didn’t work. Or maybe made it worse??

Some did provide relief but still i do get them sprouting every damned day. We would try funny weird things just for the “maybe it works” idea. The weirdest one for me was the charcoal. She would burn firewood that night, and took the powdery white ash that was left and put it on a basin with water and left over night. The water was then used by ME in washing my face in the morning. It was HIGHLY recommended by our neighbors.

We went to a dermatologist which did relieved it. But trouble was the chemicals i used on my face peels off my skin and reveals the glowing new skin, which looked superstar gorgeous BUT i was not to expose myself on the sun at the time of 10am to 3pm which was IMPOSSIBLE for me to fully follow. I walked from my place to the university building and i rode on motorbikes PLUS i like to swim!!! So after 6 months i gradually relieved myself off the medications.

And there was this face pricking which delivered good results but was just so painfullllll!!! Tears would trickle down my eyes when my dermatologist started the session.

Plus these weren’t cheap!

Thankfully i’m over that now! Whew! Enough of me…

What does this series do for you?

This series wishes to help everybody out there who can relate. When it comes to this topic, I have tried literally almost everything and the frustration it brings in, is never fun. And since its way pass me now, will share to you all the things that i’ve learned for 8 years of dealing with red patches and dots on my face. We’ll help you in dealing with it and bidding goodbye with it—for good! Not waiting for 8 years. No no!

However, just don’t expect a quick fix. Its going to be a weekly program that takes you through step by step in clearing away blemishes from the inside out.

Clear skin is simple. But since we are so accustomed to complications we end up seeking complex, expensive and quick fix that doesn’t really work in the long run, rather than the real remedy which is simple and gives a lasting cure.

We’ll be posting weekly. And each week we’ll ascend into a different level. So its chronological. All you have to do is follow the week’s simple and doable guidelines. Just follow in whichever way you can.

This is a long term remedy and the process takes patience. Am sorry, we can’t cure it in a day or in a week that’s what i’ve learned. But we can sure relieve it and give it full remedy given time.  Because we are not only erasing blemishes and pimples, we are gonna fix it at its source. So keep an open mind, and a relaxed and patient heart.

Will be posting our first tip on Monday.

You can do this! Have an amazing day!


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