Practicing Splits: What you should know

Yes i’ve said this a couple of times now and am gonna say it again, I love power poses. And how’s my splits going?

Mentally, I feel like a blast! But physically it isn’t as much. So I happily practice handstands now and then because it just makes me feel so much better.

Then I looked at the google calendar, which had been a great help in fixing my schedule, and clicked the several reminders of the day and one was splits update… 🙂

I honestly did not know what to say to you. I was unsure if saying I felt no progress and was bored was proper to write but the more I write this post the more I realize that I should be honest… Because this is truth.

There will be neutral days, dynamic days and not so good days. And when sometimes you feel this, remember that it’s not only you that’s feeling it but so do the coolest athletes in the world.

Just breathe and let it go.

So i owe it to yah to be honest and tell you that sometimes the biggest challenges comes from having no challenges at all.

And this applies to non yoga stuffs too!

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Remember… just breathe and let go.

Namaste…love and gratitude to all



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