Clear Skin Series Part 1: Foods to Forget at the moment

Hello everybody! As promised, here is the part one of the clear skin series, which is basically a weekly program that assists and guides everyone who wants to be pat of it in the journey towards a healthy clear skin.

For part one, our topic is simply about the foods that you best happily skip and forget at the moment. 🙂 Don’t worry, this is very simple and so easy to follow. Just be lighthearted and open-minded and it’s all good.

We chose the foods to forget as the first topic because most people consider pimples as a form of wound or a skin rash that has a specific ointment, powder or soap that can cure it all. But experience told me this just is not true. Although there are indeed products that really work in easing the blemish but it never really stops em, minimize maybe, but stop? No.

Why? Because pimples and blemishes are not a wounds or scratches or a rash. Though there are external factors that contributes to it, its really an internal battle that cause it all. So we fix inside first and the then deal with the outside. Its that simple.

And it is true that we are what we eat. The food we take in just not only pass our digestive system as we rid it of nutrients but…. the food actually becomes part of our body and the essence of that food we carry with us throughout our lifetime.

All foods are good one way or another. But it you like to say hello to clear skin then these foods should be skipped at the moment, and should be in a healthy moderation in the bright future:

  1. Milk and the entire dairy product family. This you might already know… But to others like me, it was actually a surprise. My derma didn’t say anything about this. He just said avoid oily food. So just in case your derma has forgotten to mention it, or you haven’t heard of this before, just skip it. Even the healthy yogurt. Trust me. I’ve experienced this many times. And yes this included ice creams!
  2. Bread and pastries. I know his is the easiest to pick and go but find a way to pick and go something else because we want to have a clear face and at this moment, these babies are not helping.
  3. Animal Fat (and internal organs)- In the Philippines, these are famous street foods, and these are really cheap and easy to come across. Well, you love your face right, so just say no to these guys at the moment. They are actually a huge contributor to the red spot on our face.
  4. Salty Food– We Asians loooove spiceyyy food. I do! But we have to ease on them for now, and as for the salty ones, just happily say no. These included chips,  high seasoned fried foods and yes the salty sauces and dip!
  5. Deep fried food– You know this already right? I guess i need not say anything else 🙂

So that’s it. The 5 food varieties that we happily bid goodbye… for now. Not worry, you can take it as fast or as slow as you wish. But it would be great that by the 7th day you have tried skipping all of them in a day. And whatever you are using on your face, at this moment, just keep it the way it is. Just observe how omitting these foods improve the health of your skin.

Slow and steady and firm wins….:)

Next week we’ll deal with something  exciting…foods to be happily eating to have a clear skin. I’ll be sharing what really works for me as per experience.

And if you have anything to add on the above list, feel free to share’m!

Have a wonderful Monday everybody!

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