Practicing Splits: Week 4 Update

wearing champion sports bra.

Hello every body! It’s the 4th week of practicing splits!!! How has been?

Let’s start with progress:

  • I can now lower and bit longer and it kind of feels good to do it. Yey! But i still need a little reminder to do it. My friend yogi Margie loooovessss flexibility poses and so she is a life saver when it comes to practicing splits. She reminds me and does it with me.
  • I feel a little relax on my hips as i noticed every time i do the lizard pose. My right hip is certified tighter than my left. But its getting relax too.
  • And am getting friendly with Pigeon pose! 🙂  (you can read about my pigeon pose battle here)Which makes me very happy. Because my knees don’t hurt no more every time i do the pose. I now just need to hold it deeper and longer. This pose still makes me sweat though.. a lot!

New discoveries:

  • I learned that my thighs are a huge factor to splits. My hamstrings are relaxed since i have no trouble with forward folds, downward facing dog and triangle poses and can do binds with it but… my quadriceps aren’t so. Perhaps because i do long distance mountain biking without stretching (before) and do tae kwon do in my college days and mua thai. Or maybe, my quads are just tight.
  • So i learned that i need to work in this pose shown below to enhance my quad muscles flexibility and it ain’t delicious. hahahha 🙂 at the moment…DSC_0549So i guess that’ll wrap it all up for now.

And always remember, never let yesterday’s mistakes prevent you from showing up. Because sometimes, showing-up is all that matters.

Have an amazing Saturday! Good luck to everything you’re doin’! Wish you the best!


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