Clear Skin Series Part 2: Foods to Make #1 Priority

It’s Monday and been really excited to share to you the foods to dig in! But before that, how was last week? Great? Skipped 100%?  80% 50% or whatever, the most important thing is the will to move on! And eagerness to do better… than the past.

Now that we are on week 2, the week 1 lessons should of course, still be practiced, as that was extremely important. It’s not easy, but so are all the first times! We are all a creature of habit and once it has become a habit, it will become a breeze.

Okay. Let’s move on to the food what we should prioritize on our shopping list.

First things first, keep in mind the word, anti-inflammatory. All vitamins and minerals with the ability to relieve inflammations are the best for your skin.

Having that in mind, just want to let you know that vitamins A, B, C, D, E and Vitamin K all have anti inflammatory properties but… you might want to prioritize Vitamin A, C and E. Next is the mineral Zinc, and healthy oils like virgin coconut oil. They are super duper effective in keeping your skin blemish free!

For me, here are top 5 foods that my diet contains lots. Simply because they are easy to buy and pocket-friendly.

  1. Bananas-i have a piece or more as often as possible. Especially for breakfast and snacks. In the Philippines, and other Asian countries they are abundant and very budget friendly.
  2. Lemon (or any variety in the citrus family)- They are loaded with vitamin C, fiber and they do a good job in cleansing the digestive system and some say they help in losing weight? not sure… but i know they are best taken with the first thing in the morning with an empty stomach with hot water and honey. You can also add in ginger if you like.
  3. Dark Green Vegetable- Lettuce is expensive here, and spinach, cabbage and all other green veges easily gets me full and i think i just couldn’t get much. So i take supplements like Kryptorganic. But… love as i might to share to you about supplements, this still isn’t the time and i highly believe that supplements work extremely well if we have fixed our lifestyles first and not simply just relying upon them and still eating the junk stuffs…
  4. Coconut- Buy the ones that are 100% pure. Usually vendors add milk and water and some even add sugar! So request for the real thing. You can by them at the public market and even buy the entire coconut. It cost 20-25 Philippine peso per coconut.
  5. Fish- Fish ‘tinola’ or fish soap is what we almost eat every evening and they are rich in Zinc. Fatty fish are rich in Omega3, a fatty acid that is also (i read) good for skin. Just avoid frying them. 🙂
  6. Brown Rice- this is simple… for all who loves rice. Just replace your white rice with brown or red rice and the health shift is immense. Not is it only rich in fiber it, but it contains less carbs than the white ones.
  7. Eggs- I eat this for the protein..but this is also good for the skin. Just blanch them or boil them… skip frying them.
  8. Tableya or the 100% pure chocolate-certainly not all oils are bad for your skin. To keep it simple, oils that undergo intense heating…is definite not good for all of us. In the case of this chocolates choose the 100% pure… meaning, it ain’t artificially creamy or sweet. Its the really thing. This is my favorite. Just boil them in water and add honey or non at all and then you have a delicious pure hot chocolate.


And here are the other top picks. 🙂

Papaya, Carrots, Avocado, Egg, tomato, oysters, crab, green tea, ginger, cucumber, oranges and watermelon  🙂

So just keep it nice and steady. One step at a time. Just being mindful with what you put in your shopping cart is a huge progress. And having a routine list is very effective too.

So that would be all and have an awesome healthy and happy day!
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