Beginners’s Tip: Pigeon Pose

The lovely pigeon pose above is definitely not me, its Margie. If i enjoy power poses, she adores flexibility poses and certainly does not share my agony in hip opening sequences.

I have a love hate relationship with this lovely pose. Some days we are friends, other days, we are just not… just like today. Lol! But am really willing to make it work and so i got a little inspiration from my friend Margie and decided to post something that might help anyone out there who is practicing this graceful asana. DSC_0602

So what does a pigeon pose look like?

  • Hips are squared facing front. Usually the hips will open to the sides if we are tight or tensed. If this happens, just be mindful about this and aim to face front.
  • Front leg is parallel to the shorter edge of the yoga mat. If this happens for you then wonderful! Just makes sure to flex your foot to protect the ankle and make certain there is no pain at the knee. My knee hurts here, at that means, hips are too tight and am doing it too deep…
  • Puff the chest out like a pigeon 🙂
  • Hands underneath the shoulders and are relaxed but firm.
  • Gaze straight to the front.
  • Breathe

If you rock this asana, then try these variations that i dream of day 🙂



Personal Advice:

Surrender into it.

It is an intense asana. Knowing and accepting where you are without judging and comparing yourself to others is a progress in itself.

And no matter how not easy it is at this moment, remember that that always happens for most of the “first time” things that we do.

And in the long run, there really is no destination. We are by nature will always be growing and progressing and moving on… forever and ever hence, there really is no destination, just directions and tupsy turvy awesome journey!

Ugly at first, messy in the middle and magnificent at the end…

And be kind with your body. (whisper)  It holds the entire universe in it. 🙂



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