Practicing Splits: Week 5 Update

Hello everybody! It is now week 5 of the 3 months splits practice. Quick confession, i am so happy every time i post Splits Pratice Update on the date, because me and my brother has a laptop usage schedule (weird noh?) and Saturday is his day so i have to sneak up real early to post on the blog.

using foam yoga blocks, lazada yoga mat,  nike tank top & accel shorts

Was really happy that this week, i finally was able to do a 6 days splits practice sequence with one day day-off. And this happened because my friend Margie happily reminds me, every time. 🙂


And since it is now August, am adjusting my practice just a little bit.

Monday to Saturday will do a quick warm-up,then a 30 minute power yoga practice plus a 20 minute splits practice then 4 rounds of HIIT exercise. If you want to do HIIT too (and its your first time) check out the application 30 day fitness challenge, very helpful, easy to use and it can fit into whatever level you are, especially for beginners. Sundays i can do 60 minute power yoga practice.

Me and pigeon pose were friends yesterday, the other day we weren’t and will find out today if we are…. 🙂 But little it may seem, it makes me happy because before i started this 3 month splits practice, me and pigeon pose were never friends!

Can i do splits after 3 months?! Am excited for that day and at the same time, and trying not to think too much. Am just happy am beginning this journey with you.

And by the way…. another confession…

Blogging your progress really helps, at least it did for me. It keeps the motivation and excitement going.

If it feels like an obligation my inner being starts to get  turned-off. 🙂 Am the type that if i see something i like, i’d do it immediately! And if you are likewise, cheers! In somethings this was really fun, but in other things this was a struggle. Having good start but not seeing it through the end is not so fun right? Good thing i recognized it sooner and started the adjustment.

Real Life Realization 101:Recognition and honestly facing flaws is really important in making real change.

One thing i do that really works for me is to start not only when i really like it, but when i made up my mind to seriously commit it.

Hope this helps one way or another. Have an amazing day!

Love and gratitude to all!


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