Clear Skin Series Part 3: Rituals To Do

For real? -Yes for real!

But before we start, how was your last 2 weeks? Were you able to follow week 1 & 2? Hope you did. Because these first 3 parts talk about lifestyles and the most important things. Sure we will discuss about supplements and products that we are all so eager to put on our faces but… that goes for later.

Just like building a healthy body, there are no short cuts. It’s a matter of habit and personal paces, rhythms and timings. Just be patient with yourself and you can do it. You can do this.

So what are these rituals? Well, they are basically activities that are done to have clear skin. And these are all sooooo important that though they may look super simple, don’t let that make you under estimate these guys.

Let’s start:

  1. Water-Because best things in life are free (or at least cheap and readily available). You can check out these guys at Human Water Requirements to know the amount of water you need and add in one liter of water, not juice or soup or chocolate drink or orange juice. Just plain water. The trick here is to drink 500 ml when you wake up, plus the one cup lemon and hot water combination. Then drink 1 glass before every meal and before you eat something. You will not only loose weight, but your skin will clear out too!
  2. Sleep before 10 pm– In this world of super stimulation, we are not so much interested in sleeping are we? New stuffs to check out on the net every single time. BUT, sleeping is the time when our bodies do an over all checkup and some very essential repairs. Practice sleeping before 10pm or better yet at 9pm because our bodies has this wonderful cycle and at 9pm, they start repairing organs.
  3. Do something that sweats you out– This can be jogging, sauna baths or yoga or anything that allows your sweat glands to sweat. This process not only makes you fit but cleanses the pores and delivers fresh blood to your skin that enhances youthful glow and skin elasticity. Say goodbye to wrinkles!!! and pimples. 🙂
  4. Get some sunlight- Best to get some during 6am to 7am (sun rise) and sun set at 4:30 pm and beyond. We are all solar powered (do you know that?) and we work so well with the sun. But consult your derma and ask which time of the day you can get yourself exposed to the sun because you might be in an intense peel off session and sunlight ain’t gonna do that premature peeled skin any good. (That s why i stopped seeing the derma because i just could not do it!!! NO sun! NO way!)
  5. Find a hobby or an activity that calms you down… like early morning walks, night strolls, walking the dog, painting (or painting a coloring book), read a book, or meditate or do yoga!!! Any thing that calms you down…anything. I do highly recommend yoga. It stopped mine for good! There are lots of kinds of yoga, find what fits you best and do it regularly. You will love it. 🙂
  6. Find an evening skin beauty ritual– we will discuss this in detail, next week maybe? But for now here are simple reminders to do in the evening: clear face gently, put soap less than 10 seconds on face, use a gentle toner, use clean towel and use it gently, and make sure your pillow case is clean.
  7. Think of something else-Forget about those pink things popping out of your face. Just don’t make them the center of your world. You are doing this rituals, not for them!!! But for a clear skin…. Remember that. 🙂 And always always be positive. You are amazing.

Have an awesome day! Anything to add? Pass it forward and share it with a comment below. 🙂


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