Curios Yoga Questions Answered for You!

If you are thinking of doing yoga for over a decade now but still not doing it? (Not to worry, it never is to late) That is probably because some unanswered questions are hinged at the back your mind. And if you agree so, then good for you! This post aims to hopefully help you get out of that rock and dive into your first yoga practice by answering some simple and some weird questions that interested pips are secretly wondering about.

1.) I can’t do that… Can i do yoga?

There is a huge possibility that you knew yoga from all the lovely yoga photos in google. I know i did! Ain’t no shame on that! 🙂 They are honestly very inspiring. It made me curios and made me try yoga. If it inspired you and then made you curios but for some reason was not able to get you into tying it out, probably because you are thinking, “I can’t do that!”

“You are never to dirty to take a bath.”

If you think you are not strong enough to do this… then the more you need to practice strengthening yourself! So that when you’re blessed with old age, you can still climb the stairs a hundred times!

Well am not flexible, i can’t even touch my toes! So what? You don’t need the ability of a contortionist to do yoga. And if you are stiff now, think about 10 years from now…. how stiffer can you become?

2. Am catholic. Is it okay?

After graduating college, i said goodbye to varsity training and i wanted to try something else…yoga! So i went to a studio, talk to the yogi owner, paid the whole month, excitedly jumped into that first session. There were photos of blue hindu goddesses and i ignored it, the session went well but at the last part, we sort of did a chant i could not understand… i never came back the next day.

We fear what we don’t we don’t understand.

Yoga is not a religion. Its a way of living where in you are slowly taught the nature of life through your practice. Personally, one of the things that yoga taught me is that i can do anything if i just give it time and practice—the moment i learned to do my first perfectly straight headstand. I was overweight, unhealthy and unmotivated. And when i bought a dress, i would pick the ones that i was so sure that would fit me but won’t. I would get frustrated and i would go home angry and spread not so good vibes. A little mistake from the staffs and i would turn into fire! But i do still turn into a fire breathing dragon, we all make mistakes but at least it gets minimized. Because of yoga, life became positively challenging and easy. It’s hard to explain but that is just how it is.

So it’s not a religion. Think of it as self care, a massage, an exercise, a meditation, a daily therapy, a support to your exercises, a beauty regimen, or whatever. It’s different from one person to another. But it’s definitely not a religion. It does have a Hindu background and is adopted throughout the world and made positive life changes to billions of people.

3. I have injury, heart attack, diabetic….am sick. Can i do yoga?

Sure you can! The first thing that you should do is go to your nearest Physical Therapy Clinic. A hospital usually has one. And have an appointment with the therapist. He will advice you some exercises to increase you mobility and strength and then show him a yoga video and ask if you can do it. Look online for ones with the title “yoga for therapy” or “yoga for back pain” or “yoga for total beginners” and the likes.

My mom got operated 8 years ago in the spine and she was so afraid to move after the operation and the only exercise she did was walking. Then last month her back hurt again.The doctor advised operation but first go to a physical therapy clinic. If it works, then continue until you feel like it.

She was so afraid to twist the tiniest bit that the therapist had to talk her into it for some time and now she is twisting, bending and touching her toes!!!

What you don’t use you will lose.

Though there still is pain because of the nerve that got stuck or something like that, but her strength was back and she is guaranteed more flexible in the legs than all the women i know in her age (55).

4. Am too old for that sh*t!

Okay, first things first, we are what we say we are. “I am what i am.”  Trust me it has nothing to do with age, but with what you have been doing and not doing with your body. My dad is 55 years old and he can mountain bike for 100 kilometers! Beats me at downhill mountain biking and yeah…also at uphill. He beats me every time. Totally nothing to do about age, but about health.

You are as old as your spine.

You can explore the different types of yoga and see what fits you best! The lovely illustration below is from and you can explore more details on the web.


5. I have no time. Can i do yoga?

F*#k it! You have time. You always do.

Hope this helps! 🙂 Lots of love and positivity to you. Namaste!


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