Confessions: Easier said than done

Am writing this as some sort of self talk. You might agree with it or not. You might relate or not. You might learn something from it, or atleast, i hope so. 🙂 And also to answer the “waz up” question. So let’s start.

These past weeks i have not been feeling good. Honestly. There is this feeling that is just there and i could not specifically point what it is exactly. Like a dark cloud over my head but i could not see any.

If you read a lot of positive books, books for success, personality development and books about laws of universe and stuffs like that, you’d know that we always have the power to shift things around. And that we should work out feeling positive at all times… Is really nice to read right? But for me, these stuffs are easier said and read than done. But it can be done. With practice. Just like doing yoga. Of course. 🙂

Just like everybody, there are things i do with so much love, and there are things that we just don’t. I love being free and i kind of resent any hint of being in a state of opposite that. However recently i have just been dumped with a few doses of  opposite that, knocking me off balance and i was afraid that i would not be able to keep up with my hobbies and my routines that brought me so much fun and that i was frustrated to be knock off course from all my “ideals”.

And the universe, like an all seeing mirror showed me what i was holding inside in a way that it made it all of it come true.

I got sick with a real bad headache, my joints hurt, i couldn’t do yoga, i had to skip exercising because it would ruin me getting well. My eyes just hurts so bad when i spent a single hour in a monitor so i could not blog. My temper was not at its peak so i could not transact with customers online. Couldn’t check on the foundation. Definitely not what i wanted.

But you know what, moments like these totally aren’t there to punish us at all. Its there to remind us and correct us so that we be on the right track-the real right track. Nothing goes away until the lessons has been learnt.

So after that i got a little better, i felt not too good again. Muscle cramps and a painful period which lasted for an unusual two days. And my headache is threatening to get back again with some tiny hints of throbbing. And i was sad because i knew my yoga sessions would be put on hold.

Then we went to a park,  i was feeling nice and i liked that feeling. So i did a handstand with out a wall for the very time and did not give much thought about what happen if i would fall. And as i kicked up, my body lifted easily and i was able to handstand and the moment i was about to fall, i was able to lift my left hand and adjust so that i would fall on my feet and not on my back which was what usually happens every time i practice on the soft beach near the water.

And i was happy. 🙂 And all the frustrations i had of not being able to keep up with my exercise and yoga was forgotten.

Am not entirely sure of my lessons here but i think it has something to do with slowing down and just pausing to enjoy the moment. And that everything eventually will turn out okay even if we didn’t get to follow strictly our well planned ideals so  that when the moment calls, we should  always feel free to focus more on the things and people that matter most. And that in reality, there is really nothing to get frustrated about.

And even though it is indeed easier said than done…it still can be done.

So i guess that’s it.

It feels good to be back. 🙂

Namaste lovely folks!


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