Beginner’s Tip: Crow Pose

Not entirely sure if this is for beginners, but when i started yoga and we did a flow with a crow pose i immediately fell in love with it.

If you do yoga online like i do, then welcome to the “struggle is real” club. Like i said in other beginner’s tip post, looking at the pose is one thing and knowing its fundamental is another thing. And maybe this post can help with that.


Is an arm balancing pose that challenges the fear of falling face first into the ground in front of you. It looks simple and easy (or at least that’s what i think when i first saw it) which makes it frustrating?? and exciting! It not only challenges core and upper body strength but it plays fun tricks with balancing that strength as well! Fly so high on your toes without upper body counter strength and you’ll fall on your face! Upper body may be strong but core can’t do no lifts then no flying possible.


I personally love it because of the focus it brings. And the feeling of knowing you might fall on your face smacked on the ground (if you don’t hold it together) is kind of exciting! But generally it’s a pose that checks some core and upper body muscles that usually go uncheck and it also tests the over all balance of upper body strength.


Am not gonna elaborate how to do it, am sure your online instructor already does, but am gonna point some tips that personnally got me successfully flying in crow pose. Here they are:

  • Hands are shoulder width apart
  • Elbows in like there is a ball in between, squeezing it.
  • Shoulders are rounded forward so much that they seem to want to meet in the middle.
  • Chest sucked in creating a circular space in front.
  • Curve your lower abdomen and focus on tucking it in so much that you could feel it exerting force just as much as the your arms do!
  • Tip forward and feel the gravity pull you down so that you can balance it with pushing up




And….loose the fear of falling face down. Because nobody really smacks their face in the ground.

Lastly, remember that your muscles are intelligent. They learn and they grow towards whatever they lack. Practice and have fun!



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