Befriending Yourself

You can’t pour from an empty cup is literally true. And this goes to say that the love and agreement and support and kindness and attention and compromise we so much seek and require from other people are a simplified reflection of what we lack to give our very own self.

Unhappiness, for me, roots from giving our power away. Happiness they say is the language of the soul in its highest vibration. Yet what seems so important and universal, sometimes, if not most of the time, is given all away by letting other people other than ourselves control it.

It could be that message he never sent, the promise she never made, dress she never said thank you for, or the late night calls your friend turned down, or the bitter coffee the waiter served or the flat tire that for some reason we blamed him. Funny how we allow these tiny glitches decide our souls essence at the present and isn’t the present the only reality?

Lately my temper hasn’t been at its best. And i know, from all the books i read that this happens simply because we blame others for the shiz that is going on instead of just fixing it and not investigating who is to blame.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

― Benjamin Franklin

When i traveled solo to the beautiful city of Baguio, a lot of shiz went down. Heavy traffic, unplanned trekking under the rain, really heavy backpack hurting my shoulder, not to mention i almost missed the bus by 5 minutes (but now am mentioning), irregular sleeping times because i missed calculated my stay, slept in a bus at 1 am because i didn’t book in advance and the other bus schedules were full! And a lot more.

However on those moments i only felt happy. Tired maybe but happy. Wet and almost late but i was excited running to meet the bus. I was thrilled at the idea of sleeping in a bus and despite the fact that i was never really able to sleep, i woke up energized.And despite the heavy bag, i was willing to walk the streets despite the rain.  I was an amazing experience. And man oh man would it have been boring without those shiz!

Though there were times that i wished i was with someone, especially when there is an awesome background for yoga pictures! hahahha! And the sheer difficulty of taking your own yoga photo in deed made me remember the best part about having somebody with me. Or when there were cool views and wouldn’t it be nice to share your adoration with a soul you are familiar with?

On a side note, the featured photo was shot more than 10 times. I had to timer my camera, and since i had no tripod i placed it on top of my jacket and bag which thank goodness eventually got me a decent shot.

So yes, it never is somebody’s fault. He or she may have done something you highly disapprove of, you can either speak out in a nice way or let it go. People can’t simply behave according to your wishes because you are there friend or because they are obliged too?

According to Christy Marie Sheldon in her talk in Minvalley‘s awesomeness fest, one little way to be happier is to “not judge anything”. If the traffic is heavy, so it is. You strive not to be late and if for some reason the kids are just not cooperating then, late you are in deed. If she doesn’t reply, so she what? You can ask her tomorrow and not judge of why she was not able to. Live life more simply and happily by taking it in as it is and not by how we judge ’em to be. And if we do formulate perceptions which we sometimes can’t stop, then always give the benefit of the doubt. Everybody deserves that and so do you.

Living in the moment doesn’t mean partying like its the end of the world, but in realizing that everything exists in accordance to the universal law of duality. And that there is always, always good in everything. Further, we are always free to choose the good ones and feel better.

So whatever that is we seek from others, we always have the power to give it to ourselves. Putting our happiness in the hands of other people are just so hard a power for them to handle. But you yourself can handle it. You got this!

Happy weekend everybody! 🙂 Namaste!




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