Practicing Splits: Week 6 to 10

Hello everybody! Forgive me for being off the air for 5 weeks? Practically just risen from…well everything that i allowed to hinder my practice. So let’s get down directly to business!

As seen on the featured photo,  am able to lower a bit compared to my first photo posted in the very beginning.:) Best thing i think is that i did not do any warm up here ( the photo above). So meaning, i could have maybe made it on the floor without the blocks? Or maybe not. 🙂

Anyways, am just happy with this progress. Not because of the dramatic achievement, but because of how i feel while am doing it. I’m more relaxed coming into this one compared to 10 weeks ago. For sure!

It’s now the last 2 weeks of my splits practice, will update you regularly and will see. Maybe i can do splits or maybe not. Rest assured will continue practicing my splits practice way beyond 3 months.

And also i find that back bending helps with splits for some reason… at least it does for me. I can’t confirm it scientifically though.

It’s holiday here in the Philippines,  Monday Holiday we call it. But its just dates right? Enjoy the day and live in the moment!

Love lots and lots of hugs!



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