Clear Skin Series Part 4: Soap Recommendation

Soap is a huge part of treating your acne and bidding it farewell. Once you have done your internal cleansing and lifestyle changes of course, the next step would be to choose the products to apply on the skin.

I don’t believe in a single product to cure it all. After all, aren’t they just brands? However selecting a specific soap can be really really painstaking and sometimes… hopeless??? Okay deep breathe now. DEEP BREATHE! Let’s just take it slowly shall we? I will share here in this post the soap that worked for me. Nothing plastic just real authentic and raw product recommendation.

It may not do the same for you because we are unique in every way… but this one worked well for my entire household plus it worked with all of the friends i know. So maybe it will work for you too? No promises however.



Here you have it my friends, the soap my face could not live without. Kojic Soap. Brands are just brands but the one from UNO really really worked for me. I tried other kojic soaps but it  wasn’t as effective as this one. At least that’s how it was for me.

I am a typical oily skin type of person. The kind that wakes up with grease on the face. 🙂 And this soap (thankfully) worked wonders for me.

Here is how to use it.:

  1. Wash your face with clean water….gently.
  2. Apply the soap. The less bubble it makes the better. How do i do it? I wet the soap and wipe it on all the corners of my face. Gently of course.
  3. I set the soap down and lather gently with the soap’s residue on my face for a maximum of 5 seconds! If you have dry skin lower than that, if you are oily skin you are stretch it for 10 seconds but NOT MORE! This is important because you don’t want to irritate your skin. Remember, this is an exfoliating soap!
  4. Rinse with clean water.
  5. Do it ones in the morning and ones before going to bed.
  6. Make sure your towel is CLEAN!

I love it because:

  1. I cleared my pimples and acne away for good!!!
  2. Its smells edible! And i caught a mouse eat it half!
  3. You can use it until the last drop of it. Nothing useless remains.
  4. Its real budget friendly. Its cost P150 for P135 grams and
  5. It whitens underarms..FOR REAL!
  6. And i am free to bathe under the sun. I love to go to the beach, drive a bike and i need not worry about my face.

Where to buy?:

This is supplied by a Network Marketing Company, UNO. SO they have distributors all over the corners of the globe! The great part is if you like it, you can purchase their packages and get a 30% discount life time on your next purchases.

So that’s what i did.

You can order from me BUT.. There would be shipment involved so its best if you order from your neighbor who supplies them or your friend. Or you can message these guys on their fb page , click here.

So this is a raw photo me. Taken when i woke up. I didn’t wash my face to keep it real but i did made an effort to dsc_0237look fresh by widening my eyes… 🙂

Looking at this photo, you know am telling truth when i said i have a real oily kind of face.

And you know from the photo that this face gets pimples and is still is prone to one but…thanks to some lifestyle changes and soap products that really worked (for me), i manage to keep it at bay. Wooo hooo!!!

But again, different strokes for different folks. Let’s make no promises but this one sincerely worked for me. I have been to a derma for the rest of my college days and this one was a good deal. It is a lifesaver for me. And am just passing the good vibes to you.

Photo feature photo: yogi Margie… Namaste! 🙂



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