Benefits of a Good Yoga Practice

Yoga has got massive attention from the modern day health enthusiasts. Not only because of the physical zest it’s practitioners claim to achieve, but also because of the mental and spiritual health it bestows.

Since the internet is buzzing with articles on yoga benefits, will do a quick personal sharing on my favorite yoga benefits.

  1. Flexibility. Its really not about touching your toes. Flexibility for me is all about healthy joints and muscles. The range of motion it can do indicates its current status. As the famous saying goes, “What you don’t use, you will lose.”
  2. Body Alignment. Yoga poses , when executed, not only look good, but they are done so that your body can be in its healthiest alignment. It checks the balance of your body’s strength, and flexibility. It also awakens muscles that you normally don’t use in the regular day to day activities.
  3. Glowing Skin. Since yoga session makes you sweat, the pores of your skin can breathe and blood flow is enhanced there by exhibiting that youthful healthy glow. And since your skin is kept in a healthy level of moisture it serves as a natural anti wrinkle regimen.
  4. Muscle Tone. Since yoga is low intensity compare to other exercises, you are most likely more willing to do it daily. And since it incorporates power pose holds, yoga improves your muscle tone without the bulk.

Though listed above are mere physical benefits of yoga, for me the most important benefit you get from yoga is a clear mind and a happier soul. Yoga is a form of meditation, taking you at the present moment and relaxing your mind. Thereby making your day a bit lighter.

Spiritually, yoga teaches many good things. One of my favorite is the art of “letting go”, not because you are quitting.. but because you have faith that in everything that you do, as long as you did it with the best of intentions, there is a greater power that has got your back always and is taking care of things for you. And everything eventually turns out the best no matter. And that there is really nothing to worry about.

Below is an info-graphic from these …Have fun!





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