Easing into Meditation

Meditation is growing in fame from time to time. And if in any way that made you curios so much that you want to give it a try, this post will try to help you to do that.

So here are meditation tips for beginners:

  1. Pick a place.

    Find a place that makes you feel like you can be whatever you want to be. A place that allows you to be free from outside opinions and nobody cares what you are doing and you don’t care what they think too. So this could be your room or your bed, your garden, a bench at the park, a beach, in the woods.

  2. Choose a time.

    You are free to choose your time and meditation can absolutely be done whenever time you please but there are certain times where meditation is highly advisable and that is within 20 minutes going to sleep or within 20 minutes just after waking up.

  3. Ten minutes is perfect. 

    You can then gradually add the numbers as you get comfortable with it. But you can of course start with 5 minutes and if it still is not easy, forgive yourself and do it again the next day or the next couple of hours.

  4. Music. 

    Music is really helpful. It automatically tunes our brain. For meditation the music is advisable to be gentle and relaxing. You can choose nature sounds, instrumental, monotones and binaural beats.

  5. Position.

    Sit comfortably. Anyway as long as it is comfortable but refrain from laying down which is is also fine, but for beginners we don’t want to end up sleeping. And laying down gets us closer to that than meditating.


Easy: Sit comfortably, let your body relax, make your inhales and exhales long and of the same length. Make your posture well aligned. Don’t slouch.

Clear your mind by observing your breath. Minimize movement. If there is something itchy, go ahead and scratch it! 🙂

Let you mind relax by thinking nothing, judging nothing and just sit there for 5 minutes quietly being in the present moment of silence.

Do this for 5 days and if you reach 5 minutes easily after 5 days, or less, you can move it to 10 minutes.

In the first day, thoughts might be crowding over your head and its a good thing! At least you are now aware. And that’s a start.

So this is it for starters! Hope it was helpful. Have an awesome day everybody!

By the way, Premiere contents are on their way!  🙂 so excited to share!


2 thoughts on “Easing into Meditation

    1. Personnaly I find it easy to meditate at these times. 🙂 Mind is more relaxed since at these moments the brain is still in Alpha state or entering Alpha state, which makes the meditation easy compared to other times of the day. But of course we can meditate in whichever time we prefer.

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