Clear Skin Series Part 5: Adding Toners

If you are like most, toners might not be a big thing for you. A good soap, clean water for washing it all off, clean dry towel to gently pat it off then some moisturizer and you’re done. But what about toners? Where do they fit it? And why should we add them? Do we really need to add them?

Before, i see no need for a toner. And i attributed the roughness of my skin to lack of exfoliating and lack of regular moisturizing regimen and the love for playing under the sun. Perhaps we might be the same, and that has got to change.

Purpose of toners

(From wikipedia) In cosmetics, skin toner or simply toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores, usually used on the face. Toners can be applied to the skin in different ways:

  • On damp cotton wool. (This is the most frequently used method.)
  • Spraying onto the face.
  • By applying a tonic gauze facial mask—a piece of gauze is covered with toner and left on the face for a few minutes.

I just honestly googled that one above for you. 🙂


i applied toner because of our airbnb guests, chinese, and they were a few of them every week. I noticed they got good skin, and their face looked really smooth and pore free. One thing i noticed was that they use toners. How? First was a guy, we went camping with him. And in the evening the took a bottle put some on him palms and wipe it over his face. I asked and said it was toner. And i noticed that with most of them.

So i gave it a try.

Fact: Not all toners will work for you

The more oily your skin is, the more is the need to use toner. And make sure its the gentle kind. One that does not irritate. Yes toners will feel a bit strong on the face and that is okay, but avoid the ones containing too much alcohol. But then again, different strokes for different folks so feel free to explore.


Exploring can be fun, but our face doesn’t feel the same way. I have oily skin. Suffer from pimples from age 16. I (or atleast my mom) tried everything from charcoal wash to expensive derma. But the most effective things about erasing pimples are changes to lifestyle like the right food, enough water, exercise and a good sleep. And once we got that right, the soap can work their part and so thus everything we put on our face externally. To get the complete easy guide to clear skin, click here.

Okay. so here is the toner that i am currently using and am very happy about. 🙂


It may not work for you the way it worked for me. Different strokes for different folks. But maybe it will too.

Like it because…

It’s not strong and no chemical smell. I feels so refreshing and it’s the only thing that erased the roughness of my face. I do have big pores from the years and years of pimples and this product did well about minimizing it. Among other things… will share that next.

Kojic soap from uno worked well with this toner and it just makes me so happy 🙂


To order check out your nearby store or your distributor friends. Or you can check these guys out at

Awesome day! And hope this helps. How about you? Any soap and toner recommendation?

photo credits: yogi magie


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