Clear Skin Series Par 6: Moisturizers

Do you need moisturizers if you have oily skin?

For me, yes. I use moisturizers because when my skin is well moisturized, pores are healthy and elastic and don’t get irritated and clogged easily.

But remember…

Moisturizers are just part of then entire ritual. The correct moisturizer alone cannot help you erase all the pimples and embrace clear skin. In fact even if you did have the right soap, toner and moisturizer (these guys certainly will help) still your pimples might still creep up. Because the real way to say goodbye to them are lifestyle changes like proper food, water, exercise and good sleep…and then using the right soap, toners, moisturizers and etc will help speed up  your progress towards a clear healthy elastic skin.

Good news, we written an entire program for you, here.

How to choose moisturizers?

If looking for a soap and toner for clear skin is not easy, selecting toners to help with the pimple battle is way difficult.

When you look up using google, there are loads of steps in choosing moisturizers, but some of them are selling their products too! That’s fine, but if using their products doesn’t give you the result you need, chill out! Different strokes for different folks, it may work for others and might not work for you, and that’s fine…

Because that is exactly what happened to me!

I tired almost all moisturizers and none of them worked. Although some worked better than others, still it didn’t deliver the results i wanted. And these moisturizers are recommendation from friends too, not just adds form tv and blogs. Different strokes for different folks, nothing to get all down about.

What worked for me?

Having said that, if you have something that works, stick to it. If not, then here is what might work for you, as it worked for me.



This is a life saver for me. I am not sure if this qualifies as a moisturizer on our culture’s standards but it worked very well for me. I honestly can skip soaps, and toners but not my “TEA TEA” regimen.

I used the one from Human Nature since they are cheaper and are made in the Philippines. The bodyshop has one too. So it depends were you are confident to buy. Both of them worked perfectly for me.


  1. Wash face with soap ( is use kojic soap from UNO, othe kojic soap does not work for me)
  2. Pat dry face with a clean towel. (clean it should be. Very important)
  3. Apply toner using a cotton. (I use one form Human Nature too)
  4. Drop a few tea tree oil on your finger tips and massage gently on your face.
  5. Done!

This how i look in the morning without washing my face:


See? You can see that this face is indeed handsdown oily, and it has its history of pimples and now it looks healthy! That’s the most important thing.

Where to buy?

At your department stores, human nature centers or from your friends who sells them.

Hope this works for you. Love lots!

Photo above is from yogi Margie you can follow her at her instagram acount @balucamargie.


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