The Diary

Hello everybody. Been seriously thinking of putting up an online diary. I don’t know how its gonna work or if its even a good thing to do. But i need to have a diary, the traditional one, with a notebook and pen. Its just that i find it take up much time. And since i write real fast, (am kind of impatient) i could hardly read my own thoughts scribbled down which is kind of pointless? Plus it hurts my knuckles!

So am thinking of an online diary instead. It’s faster, and i’d be able to spare my knuckles with all the hurt. But can i honestly be honest in an online diary? Yeah that’s the thing too. I want it to be a real one but not in some private app, but in this blog.

But you know what, in my old diaries (unfinished, because again, my knuckles hurt) i never really wrote anything i’d regret later. The thing is, i don’t believe in secrets. And if you have one, i believe it is not logical to write it down. Why write something you knew you couldn’t dare have others know? Why think about it when you know you could not and should not say it? Why say it, when you’re not gonna do any thing about it?!…right?

And am bad at hiding things, am good at losing them. And all the things i’d hide, would get misplaced, and all the things i’d misplaced ends up lost. Or i’d forgot about them and i’d accidentally throw them away. I have no problem with throwing things away. Which is a good thing ( i keep telling myself) or a huge problem sometimes (in the form of losing bills, warranties, invitations, and pair of shoes-i don’t understand why we keep so many pair of shoes.)


So yes online diary would not be a big deal. It would pretty much be censored like my private hand written ones. (You can read them if you like, but am afraid you couldn’t make out the words, i know i couldn’t.)

But still, i believe, nothing beats the old fashioned leather bound hand written ones. I even prefer books than e-books, if only i have the luxury of space in my room and the patience of carrying a heavier bag (and a bulkier one).

So perhaps technology wins. (But am old school by blood)

Stay tuned. 🙂




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