I believe that everybody should have an inspiration. And if you had none, at the moment, keep on experiencing and trying new things until you bump into yours. But of course, just let it be. Everything in life that is chased, runs away….remember?

Inspiration, i believe, though it may come and go, makes us do wonderful things. Help us accomplish nice things, great things. Things from the heart.

By the way, this post is part of my online diary. Yes i decided to finally do it.

What’s the difference between this online diary versus regular blogging? Not much really. You can even say they are the same. But when i was doing regular blogging, i always have these parameters of what to write and what not to write. Will they like this? Should i write that? Will they agree? What are the facts? Does this sound interesting? How will this represent the site? And so much more…

I enjoy writing them but…. it wasn’t totally out of inspiration.

So this is the official first post of my online diary. You can find it, if you are interested, in the category “thoughts”.

Am i inspired? May be. I like to think so. Being free to be who we are feels good. Being liked for who we are and hated for the same reason feels free and alive.

I hope you ‘ll find your inspiration. Be it an object, a person, or a dream. Somethings that keeps you up (happily) at night. Something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning–in a positive light of course. Something that makes you forget about the time you invested and the effort you’ve given out. Something that makes you glad to live this life.



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