Small Talk this Morning

Today we went out for work, and after wards, before headed home for brunch, we stopped by Drive Thru eatery to buy some food for shadow (our rottie). The owner of the restaurant is a couple who love dogs too.

As usual, we shared small talk with them, as we do every time we drop by their restaurant. I don’t enjoy small talks but i enjoy talking with them. Probably because we both love dogs and they were real easy to talk to.

Today we bought 2 servings of pork soup. The husband said “For shadow and you?”. We chuckled. “Right. He’s part of the meal budget.”

He paused just a little and said, “One of our dogs died today. The oldest one. The female. The one that produced pups. Old age. She is 16 years old or 112 dog years.”

We couldn’t say anything.

“She left the house once when she started to get weak.” the wife said. “And then came back.”

“Well.” trying to muster something to say. “Our dogs too. When they get sick or get really old, they leave and try to die hidden from us.” i said. “We find them of course.”

“She made lots of pups.” The husband said. “Sad to have her gone after all she have done for us. She tried to be as far from us as she can. So we didn’t know.”

“Yes, they tend to do that.”

The husband nodded and went tot he kitchen.

We finished the rest of our order with the wife. And as usual, a thank you and a smile.


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