Featured Yoga Class: 30 Minute Stress Away yoga by Yogabycandace

This week’s feature video is a yoga session by one of our very favorite yoga instructors, Yogabycandace.

What to expect:

Expect a simple yet moderately challenging yoga video that is sure to give you sweat! Don’t worry about flexibility as this yoga session does not show case intermediate back bending poses. This activates total body without the pushing your strength at the edge or your flexibility at its edge.

She’s got very soothing voice which is guaranteed to have you relaxed at the end.

Time of the Day:

Best to do this after work, or when you’re tired and stressed and want to relax the healthy way.

Who is the Yoga Instructor?

She is Candace Moore. And she is one of our favorite international yoga instructor online. She got massive collection of free yoga videos in her youtube channel “Yogacandace” and a very inspirational and entertaining yoga blog http://www.yogabycandace.com.

To see more of our suggested yoga videos click this link.

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