How to Start a Home Yoga Practice: Fixing the Mindset

Everybody says the’re busy. No time for this and that. Proud to be a busy bee. I have no yoga mat. No yoga instructor. Video is hard to understand. Stress is killing me. “That’s why I still am not doing yoga even if I like too.”

But for reals? Forgive me, I don’t buy into that totally. I don’t believe it’s about the yoga mat, the time or the space. Probably, like all other things, it has something to do with what we think (unconsciously).

So if you really like you start a home yoga practice, here are some thoughts to ponder that might just help you finally do it.

If you’re sick, you fix it.

Having said that, if you think you’re stiff or if you think you are too weak for yoga, don’t you think you should be doing yoga to fix that? Rather than doing nothing about it? It’s like your avoiding the cure here. Instead of avoiding, try start doing and see how it goes.

It’s okay to confirm your weakness and faults.

People say am not flexible enough. I can’t do that, then they’d ended up not doing. “I am not strong.” Sounds like a humble man’s plea. But the reality is, it’s the pride talking. Why? Because the moment you do yoga and figured out you really are so faraway from touching your toes, you feel weak and wrong. Nobody likes to feel that. Better to just say it than confirm it. “I can’t do it.” –oh shit I really can’t do it! Truth is, growth only happens when you posses the humility to see yourself as what you really are. Sorry for this, its gonna hurt. “You’re fat. You’re lazy. You have a bad temper. You’re impatient. You’re self-righteous. You secretly envy others. And so on…” Am not saying this is you! But get ego out-of-the-way and maybe this is you. Bitter, I know–taking responsibility for your flaws. I was over weight for 2 years. And slowly but surely my weight crept up and up. Then one day, when my scale hit 66.9 kilos I said, “Maybe I am fat”. Not chubby. Fat! I used to stop shopping for clothes at the mall because all the clothes I picked up ended up too tight for me.

“Wtf! Am not that huge right? These damn clothing company!” Then I bought a body fat analysis and it says that I am fat. I have a body fat percentage of 35% which was really high. “Damn, this is real.” I started taking my weight-loss seriously and I finally accepted the glaring fact that, I am, at that moment, fat. And if I don’t do anything, I’ll end up worse.

It’s not just an exercise.

Yoga is not just an exercise. It’s primarily intended to calm the mind, so you can focus more throughout the day and be relatively light in mood. Yes some yoga are intense but there are many types of yoga and you can choose which one suits you best. I prefer Vinyasa yoga because my intension is to sweat. Ashtanga is great for me too since I like the thrills of a good challenge. Hatha is not for me because I rather get a massage. 🙂 But I do it sometimes when my muscles are sore and then Hatha feels so good. Or if you just prefer to calm the mind, then do Kundalini yoga–almost zero movement, all breathing and meditation.


Takeaway summary, stop doubting yourself.

Be brave and confirm your flaws. Be flexible psychologically and know that perhaps that kind of yoga was not for you or that you just have to choose a different instructor. Be loving towards yourself and fix whatever that needs fixing especially when it comes to your health.



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