Diet and Travel: Survival Tips

We all know that when you’re on a certain diet plan, it requires discipline. And all that just goes out the roof once you’re having fun or extremely tired, like when your travelling. So am sharing to you my personal tips on how to survive dieting while travelling.

Again, like what I’ve said many times before, this worked for me. It may not work for you or, it may!

My Diet

I am on a Ketogenic diet starting August 1. It created miracles in my weight. I lost 7 kilo by August 31. Just one month! My fat percentage dropped (but really slow) and my BMI went from overweight to normal. My visceral fat drop a lot too! If you want to find out details about this head on to my personal site at

The diet consists of high fat, moderate protein, and severe low carbs (30 grams max a day). The goal is to direct your body to use fat instead of glucose. Don’t panic, your body produces glucose if it really needs via gluconeogenesis. And the fats you will be eating are those that are naturally occurring animal fat, dairy and healthy oils. I know, some of you hate dairy and animal meat. So this diet is definitely not for you. It worked for me though. I have no trouble eating eggs and cheese and butter. I do use olive oil mostly instead of butter and i don’t really eat cheese because in the Philippines, the real stuff is expensive.

The thing about keto dieting is that it requires a strict following. Because, if you ate more carbs than the max, your body will shift from using fat to using glucose! And once the glucose wears off, your body will look for glucose and then you get hungry or worse, you’ll have a carb craving. Not good.

But if you stick to the carb limit, you won’t have any cravings and you usually won’t get hungry and you won’t tire easily. At least that’s what happened to me.

My Travel

The island of Siargao, the surfing capital of Philippines and world-famous surfing spot in the world, is my destination. I traveled by ferry, by plane and by hour-long rela (or tricycle). It was a tiring trip, but it was extremely fun. The kind that you like to eat burgers and fries and ice cream in the end of the day as a token of celebration. But, that is just not gonna happen if you’re on a keto diet.

My Tips

Here it is.:

  • Have an eating schedule. Am on a 16/8 intermittent fasting too. So it made my diet manageable. You don’t have to do intermittent fasting like i do, you just have to have an eating schedule. A time or number of hours you can eat and the time where you can no longer consume calories. Example: You can eat starting 9am to 5pm. Beyond those hours, you can no longer consume calories. You can only drink water, tea and coffee, the unsweetened ones of course.
  • Eliminate specific food. Example, you pledge not to eat cakes, cookies, bread and rice and candies. Other than that, you can eat anything. It will work because it’s simple. Yes, you can eat pizza if you didn’t write that on your list. It’s all up to you. Make sure to commit to it.
  • List a food or set of food, you can eat lots of. Example, you can eat unlimited amount of melon, buko juice, lemon juice, pineapple, and green leafy vegetables. Of course fruits won’t work for me because am on a keto diet. My list consists of barbecue, any meat, soup, and green leafy vegetables.  Yes, my lists seems so boring but that’s why….
  • At the last day of your trip, eat something you really like to eat. On my departure date, I ate fried bananas, because I love it so much. But since it was my departure date, when I arrived home, I went back immediately into my regular diet. No harm done.

So I think those were my most basic tips. I also monitored my body fat percentage and from 32.8% it dove to 32.2% after the trip (3 days 3 nights trip).

You can aslo check out details of this trip in my travel diary at

Have some tips? Share it on the comment section below.



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