Can You Lose Weight with Yoga? And a Diet Suggestion

I started yoga with weight-loss in mind. Did it help? Absolutely! But not in a direct way. How do I mean? Well, because of yoga, I was calmer, less stress, and was able to think clearer. And because of that, I was able to stick to my diet. That’s what how I lost weight.

Weight Loss is About Diet

We expect the 1 hour jog daily to help us loose the stubborn weight. And you are right, in a way. But the real player in weight-loss is your diet. Diet is the key to both success and failure in your weight-loss goals. Exercise, just let’s just say, is an enhancer. 🙂

Therefore the diet

Every person in this planet is following a diet. Some with conscious effort, but, mostly, unconsciously. To put it in simple terms, Diet is the usual set of foods that you ingest every single day.

You can have a diet of high in carbohydrates (probably almost everybody), low-fat and high in protein. Or your diet can be high in protein, high in carbs and high in fat! Wow! Or you can have high protein, low-fat, low carb diet. Again, you may be aware of it, or you may not. If you’re not counting your macros, most likely, you are not ware of any of this.

Finding one that works

The key is finding a diet that works for you. Always remember, different strokes for different folks. What worked for me may be a disaster for you. Or it could be the perfect match.

Nevertheless, I will share here to you what worked for me and hoped that it will work for you.

Ketogenic Diet

I know you have heard or read this somewhere. You may have a vague idea of what this diet is about. But little knowledge is dangerous my friends! So erase whatever you think you know and let’s start from scratch…shall we?

Ketogenic diet is a diet that asks for 70% fat, 20-25% protein and 5-10% carbs. Or simply limiting your carbs to 30 grams net carbs and then using your remaining calories and multiply that by 20% to get your protein calorie allowance and the remaining calories goes all to fat.

It’s proposal is that by doing so, your body will turn to using ketones (from fats) instead of glucose (from carbs).

Fat you say?!

Like I said, little knowledge is dangerous. Just because it says fats in the headlines doesn’t mean that the details doesn’t specify what kind. For keto diet to work, you must ingest only natural occurring fats from animals, dairy, and some plants. Like olive oil, avocado, eggs, cheese, butter, fish and lard. Highly process cooking oil is a huge no! And processed meat is a terrible idea!

If you are vegan. Get advice from experts. Chances are, this diet is very difficult for you.

Protein just 20%?

The thing about some protein is that, if you have excess of it, your body can convert it into glucose and they will act just like carbohydrates!

Are carbs really that bad? Why so low carb?

Nothing is bad! Keto diet is low carbs because both fat and carbs are our primary source of energy and to manage your weight you have to choose one and in Keto diet, you choose fats.

Carbohydrates turns to glucose. The thing about glucose is that it becomes glycogen and gets stored in your muscles ready for muscle use which is great news. BUT, glycogen holds water in a ratio of 1:3. One part glycogen, 3 parts water! And darling, that’s a lot of water!

So what you credit to chubby fat is really just water. And in keto diet, you avoid all this. Fat don’t hold on to water.

Count Calories. Fat has 9 calories per gram!

The mistake most people make is treating fats like carbs. Darling, please don’t. Carbs and protein yield 4 calories per gram respectively. But fat yields 9 calories per gram. Therefore your plate will contain lesser food but greener! Because in simpler terms the only carbs you eat allowed to eat are green leafy veges. And the only fruit your carb macro limit allows is avocado.

If you want to start Ketodiet, kindly refer to this

How much weight will I lose?

It’s different for each person. I weighed 67 kilos after 30 days of keto diet I lost 7 kilos and my new weight is 60 kilos.

You may lose more or maybe a little less. That all depends on your current weight, BMR and hormones and others.

I did however experienced keto flu on my 3rd and 4th day. So get ready for that with beef soup and bone broth. It helps almost instantly.

Also you will be dehydrated since fats don’t hold on to water. Best to have magnesium supplements ready. Your potassium and sodium will be low to so coconut water (the real thing) will help but don’t drink too much since they are sweet. Don’t drink energy drink as they tend to have sugar too!

Good Luck!

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