Quick Start Morning Flow by Erin Motz

About the Session

This is a 20 minute beginners yoga by Erin Motz a.k.a Badyogi. Expect moderate challenge and sweat with some beginner flexibility pose that is very necessary on your beginner yoga journey. Best to do this, as the title says, in the morning.

About the Instructor


Erin is a yoga teacher & writer and a self-proclaimed “real food” activist. A red wine and French cheese loving bad yogi based in Tampa Bay, she teaches vinyasa flow and aims to keep her classes fun and accessible. You won’t hear much Sanskrit but you’ll probably get plenty of corny jokes, lots of core work, and sweet, delicious deep stretches. She’s a firm believer that yoga doesn’t have to be complex: if it makes you feel good, you’re doing something right.

-excerpts from https://www.doyouyoga.com/im-erin-motz-and-this-is-how-i-yoga/

Things to prepare

This last for 20 minutes so make you spare so 20 or more of your time. And if you’re doing this on a work day, need i say this, wake up early 🙂 Enjoy the flow and you’ll feel great through out the day!


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